Ingo Meller
January 14 – February 28, 1998
Ingo Meller -  - Exhibitions - Cheim Read

Cheim & Read is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings by Ingo Meller. Born in 1955 in Cologne, Meller continues to live and work there. Committed to painting, he has shown internationally; most recently in the exhibition Theories of the Decorative at the Royal Botanical Garden in Edinburgh, Scotland in the company of Philip Taaffe, Beatriz Milhazes, Fabiàn Marcaccio, Juan Uslé, and David Reed. The following is an excerpt from the exhibition catalogue written by David Moos:

"A specified and limited number of colours has been applied to each canvas. The strokes move in two directions: some cross with other strokes, while some remain nearly autonomous. This system of constitution and application, although initially appearing codified and rigidly restrained, paradoxically provides for vast possibilities of gestural inflection. The irregularly shaped canvases, that are affixed flatly and directly to the wall – as a literal form of 'wall-paper' – articulate a deviation from convention. The canvas has no underlying stretcher, no physical support other than the wall. While each stroke loses their individuality and all begin to participate in a shared individuation. Meller's strokes, which measure control against the absence of control, intention

against articulation, coalesce as a composite of intersecting intensity. The isolated existential gesture becomes subsumed by a larger rhythm. When installed, Meller's canvases read as integrated units, fused passages of painting whose parts can never be properly considered in isolation. One must engage each painting as a totality."

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