Rene Ricard
Rene Ricard - Artists - Cheim Read

1946 Born in Boston, MA
Lives and works in New York


2004 Word of Mouth, A Selection: Part I, Dinter Fine Art, New York
(10/8 – 11/24/04)

2003 New Paintings, Cheim & Read, New York (May 27 –July 18)

2002 Rene Ricard: Works, Exhibition of Recent Paintings, The Chelsea Hotel, New York (11/5/02 – 11/16/02)


2003 Rene Ricard: Paintings and Drawings; Perceval Press

2002 Contribution of essay, "The Profanation of Time", Francesco Clemente: Portraits Self Portraits; Jablonka Galerie.
Interview; May 2002 "Zac Posen: 21 And Getting The Critics All Worked Up" Introduction and interview with fashion designer Zac Posen.
Lola Schnabel: Remember Me, Ricard afterword for this artist's book of paintings produced by the daughter of Julian Schnabel.

2001 The Angel Hair Anthology; Granary Books, Includes three poems by Rene Ricard: "Oh", "Visions of Arthur" and "Party Crash"

1999 Love Poems (with drawings by Robert Hawkins); CUZ Editions.
Philip Taaffe: Recent Paintings; Gagosian Gallery.
Gellert Suite - Donald Baechler, Studio d'Arte Raffaelli.
Francesco Clemente: A Portrait; Photos Luca Bambi, Essay Rene Ricard.

1998 Galerie Jerome de Noirmont, Paris; Exhibition catalog includes quotes and short reminiscences of Basquiat by Ricard.

1997 Andy Warhol: Thirty Are Better Then One; Tony Shafrazi Gallery.
No Dice: Recollections of Jack Smith; Artforum, October

1993 Retro Activist; Vogue, May
William Rand, Colby College Muesum of Art

1992 Jean-Michel Basquiat; Whitney Museum, New York
Golden Boy; Vogue, October

1991 Out Of This World: The Poetry Project at the St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery, An Anthology 1966-199l; Crown Publishers,
Tema Celeste; Issue 29.
Magazine review of Ricard's gallery exhibition at Petersburg Press titled, "Rake's Progress: Rene; Ricard Moves from Page to Gallery Wall". Includes a color reproduction of the painting Don't Play Poker. Lacanina Ink 3

1990 Trusty Sarcophagus Co.; Inanout Press
Art Today; Vol. 2, Nos. 5 & 6
Magazine review of Ricard's gallery exhibition at Petersburg Press. Includes a color reproduction of the painting Eros of Fear.
Arts Magazine; Oct
Tema Celeste; Issue 26. Magazine contribution
The New Censorship; Vol 1 No. 4
This issue of "The Monthly Journal of the Next Savage State" featured three Ricard poems, "The Pledge of Allegiance", "God With Revolver", and "The Dog"
Julian Schnabel Sculpture, Pace Gallery
Catalog contribution of the poem "Imagination", also published in Trusty Sarchphagus Co.
Art in America; Sep. Poison Mal de Fin

1989 God with Revolver; Hanuman Books.
Francesco Clemente: Sixteen Pastels with Poems by Rene Ricard; Anthony d'Offay Gallery
William Rand; 56 Bleecker Gallery
Parkett; Issue 21. Magazine contribution of the poem "The Pledge of Allegiance". Due to an editorial error, only the first fifteen lines of the poem are presented.
Parkett; Issue 22. Magazine contribution of the poem "The Pledge of Allegiance". The poem is presented in both English and a German translation.
Keith Haring: Eight Ball; ArT Random. Artists book created on the occasion of Haring's 30th birthday. "Filling two pages of the book is Rene Ricard's poem "La Peste".

1988 Jean Michele Basquiat: Temoignage 1977 – 1988

1986 An Ad for Felix; Artforum, Sep.

1985 An Art of Regret; Artforum, Summer

1984 Edited by Ian Young Includes Ricard's poems, "Caravaggio and His Models" and "I was born". Artform, Nov. Magazine contribution of the poem "Caravaggio and His Models". Opera of the Worms; Joe Fawbush Editions / Solo Press.
Text by Ricard with Illustrations by Judy Rifka. Published in an edition of eighty copies signed and numbered by Ricard and Rifka. Publication composed of 23 unbound lithos in a portfolio with slipcasen
Alex Katz Paints a Picture; Cooper Union

1983 Son of the Male Muse: New Gay Poetry; The Crossing Press

1982 The Pledge of Allegiance; Artforum, November
Julian Schnabel; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
The Greatest Show on Earth; Brooke Alexander Gallery

1981 Not About Julian Schnabel; Artforum, Summer
The Radiant Child; Artforum, December
A.E.I.U.O., 1981 Magazine contribution, poem "The Death of Johnny Stompanato" (Italian Translantion)
Gaia Dans L'Espace, Galerie de France. Exhibion catalog of the work of Alain Jacquet. Includes a sonnet by Ricard.

1979 Rene Ricard 1979-1980; DIA Foundation Publications
Mag City; Issue 6, 1979 Magazine contribution of the poem "WAKE*UP NEW YORK*ATTENTION"
Mag City; Issue 8, 1979 Magazine contribution of "The Pledge of Allegiance". This poem was published as part of God With Revolver (pub. 1989), there dated 1969.
Dodgems; 1979 Magazine contribution, poem, "April 29"
Little Caesar, Issue 8, 1979 Poetry magazine. Contains Ricard's "Tide" and "Tar".
Little Caesar, Issue 9, 1979 Poetry magazine contribution. Features Ricard's "disaster always befalls the holidays".
Lynda Benglis at Paula Cooper; Art in America, Jan-Feb
The Benois Madonna at Konedler Peter Hujar at Marcuse Pfeifer Art In America, Dec.

1978 'I Class Up A Joint'; The New York Times, Nov. 20
Bill Sullivan at Kornblee, Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe at Miller Art in America, Sept Oct.
Hunt Slonem and Harrison Burns at Fishbach; Art in America, Nov-Dec
Face of the Poet; Alex Katz, Brooke Alexander / Marlborough Graphics, Ricard's portrait is accompanied with his poem "I remember the little house in the woods".
The 4 3 2 Review; Issue 7 Contribution of the poem "On the Tomb of WH"
Little Caesar, Issue 6. Poetry magazine. Contains Ricard's "I'm Going Now, Okay?".

1977 Mag City; Issue 3. Magazine contribution of three poems: "On Being Called a Dilettante", "Caravaggio and His Models" and "The Slaves of Michelangelo".
Little Caesar, Issue 5. Poetry magazine. Contains Ricard's "Celebrations" and "Visions of Arthur".

1976 Julian Schnabel's Plate Painting at Mary Boone; Art In America, Nov.

1974 Gay Sunshine, Issue 21, spring "Gay Sunshine: A Journal of Gay Liberation" edited by Winston Leyland out of San Francisco, strongly counter-culture and anti-establishment. This issue features a series of humorous written dialogues collected by Ricard in 1971-72 titled "The John in Sterling".

1971 Ant's Forefoot, Issue 7/8, spring. Literary magazine. Tall format, 68 pages. Published by The Coach House Press in Ontario, Canada. Two Ricard poems included: "assignment: GOOD POEM" and "UNDERSTANDING MEDIA".

1970 Paris Review; Summer. Magazine contribution, poem "Mannerism"
exTensions No. 4. Magazine contribution of the poem "Visions of Arthur".

1969 Roots Forming; Issue #1, Summer 1969 Three of Ricard's earliest poems appear in this volume (all written several years prior to this publication): "An Idea Is Something We Can't See", "Change Here For All Points", and "Oh Call It The Squares". The World Anthology; Anne Waldman Editor, Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1969

1968 The World; Issue #8. Contribution of "assignment: Good Poem".

Aspen; Vol. 1 #3, 1966 featuring an otherwise unpublished poem by Ricard, "The Stones Have Begun Making Me Sick".
Angel Hair #3; 1967
Magazine contribution of three poems: "Oh", "Visions of Arthur" and "Party Crash".

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